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Moving to Australia: Items to get rid of

In order to travel as light as possible, it's time for 'Operation Declutter'. Start by getting rid of the things you don't need. You might give stuff to friends or family members, sell items or just throw it away.

Apply the '6-month rule'. When it hasn't been used in the last six months, toss it... You don't need it.

Here are some suggestions for what to give away, sell, or throw away.

Items worth selling include:
  • Kitchen Appliances (Toaster, Microwave, Fridge)

  • Television, Blu-Ray Player. Entertainment Systems

Things to give away to friends or charities:
  • Books

  • DVD/Blu-Rays

  • Clothes

  • Shoes

Dispose of these things:
  • Items you are hoarding

  • Broken items

Items to consider putting into long-term storage:

While moving overseas, you may not want to get rid of all your furniture. The move might not be permanent, so storage may be a better option. Self-storage facilities are very affordable and convenient, or you can ask friends or family members to store a few items for you so that they can send them over when you are settled or when they first visit.

  • Chest of draws

  • Bed

  • Couch

  • Other heavy and bulky furniture

  • Photo albums/personal keepsakes

Almost all international removal companies will offer storage services or are able to recommend storage services.

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