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The most popular Visa with work rights for trade occupations

There are a few different visas available to overseas workers.

1. SKILLED MIGRANT VISA – this is a points tested Visa. Applicants must be invited to apply. No job offer required.

2. EMPLOYER SPONSORED VISA – this visa is for those with job offers from Australian employers. Employer sponsorship required.

3. WORKING HOLIDAY VISA – this is a 12 months visa for applicants between 18-31 old.

Before you embark on the Australian Migration Visa application process, there are a few factors worth considering, such as:

– check your Visa eligibility.

– check skills assessing requirements.

– which list your occupations appears on.

– do you have sufficient evidence and paperwork.

– do you meet health and character criteria.

– do you have English language skills.

Applicants (including self-employed and sub-contractors) are encouraged to retain/retrieve their full employment documentation as some applications may require a higher level of proof of skilled employment in the nominated occupation. We have been working with the Department of Immigration for many years and are able to advise you what type of documentation is required and suitable to provide with the application.

You need a licence to work in certain trade occupations in Australia for example, plumbers, electricians or air-conditioning mechanics. You must obtain a licence from the relevant authority in each Australian State where you intend to work. This might entail completing a Gap Training upon arrival to Australia. Applicants applying under the Skilled Migrant visa pathway may commence their licencing process as part of their visa application process.

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